The Hijab

What is Hijab?

Many Muslim women choose to wear the hijab, a
headscarf, as an act of modesty, a symbol of faith, and an
expression of personal freedom – but hijab is much more than
that. As one hijabi puts it, “wearing the hijab means knowing
that people are listening to me because of what I’m saying and
not because of what I look like.” It also encompasses the way
a Muslim woman presents herself in appearance, behavior,
manners, and speech.
Unfortunately, hijab has too often been viewed an
oppression of women and suppression of their rights.
However, the vast majority of hijabis view this as being far
from the truth. Putting it on every morning is a personal choice
that provides them with a feeling of satisfaction, as they know
they are voluntarily obeying their Lord.

Hijab: headscarf worn by Muslim women when not
amongst immediate family members
Abaya/jilbab: a long-sleeved, loose outergarment worn by
some Muslim women
Niqab: face veil worn by some Muslim women
Allah: Arabic word for the One God Almighty
Qur’an: Muslim holy book believed to have been revealed
by the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him) around 600 C.E.
Prophet Muhammad: believed by Muslims to have
been the last of the chain of prophets (including Adam,
Abraham, Moses, Jesus) sent by God as a guidance to


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