The Monologues

The Hijabi Monologues is about the power of storytelling.
It is about creating a space for American Muslim women to share experiences; a space to breathe as they are; a space that does not claim to tell every story and speak for every voice.
Through sharing stories, strangers touch and connect. Through stories, we are challenged. Through stories, we are humanized.
Hijabi Monologues: Our stories. Our words.
Created by University of Chicago students Sahar Ullah, Zeenat Rahman and Dan Morrison in 2006, The Hijabi Monologues grew from an exchange of experiences that strengthened their friendship. Morrison was fascinated by Ullah and Rahman’s everyday stories as Muslims in America and thought they needed to be heard by a wider audience. –
The MIT Muslim Students’ Association is grateful to have the opportunity to present the stories and experiences of our fellow sisters to the MIT and Boston communities.  We hope to spread awareness and a greater understanding of the people of Islam. In our time, it is essential that we reach out and attempt to know and appreciate our neighbors. Hopefully, our small efforts can bring our community that much closer to acceptance and peace.

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